7th Asinine Circus Comic up!

2010-05-12 19:15:24 by Torogoz

So excited, things seem to be moving along well with the comic. more to come!


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2010-05-12 20:20:04

the final fantasy comic has officially made me a fan. fun stuff man.

Torogoz responds:

Thank you, i hope not to dissapoint in the future.


2010-06-01 22:51:32

This is a fun comic. Keep it up, I like the art style a lot. I think the brighter, fun colors makes it enjoyable to read; a lot of webcomics, especially geeky ones, fall on the darker, emo-er side of the color spectrum. This can make a lot of them look alike.

Incidentally, I had to get an account for newgrounds just to comment on your art. Your site link leads to a deviantart, which is great, but seriously some of us don't want to go into the hassle of registering for some website in order to comment on art we like! I suggest you get a wordpress or blogger account. If you have a domain in particular, you can set up ComicPress which is the Wordpress theme for webcomics and it works very well. Best of all, you don't need to log into anywhere to comment on art with blogs. I think that increases the amount of feedback you can get on your art!
I just had to say that...


Torogoz responds:

that's for your message, sorry i forgot to update that, my site is www.asininecircus.com !
thanks for the heads up