My Asinine Life

2011-02-13 05:11:17 by Torogoz

This year I made a promise to myself, that I would try and stop procrastinating my dream of becoming a successful web-comic artist. Me (artist) and my buddy Adam Wells (writer) are the co-creators of Asinine Circus. Adam and I have for years talked about how we would like to get a web-comic series started. But every time we let video games, movies, and going out get in the way.

The problem with having an open ended dream is that there are no immediate goals or pressure to meet them. To counter the no accountability of not posting any artwork I decided to create a Tumblr account where I can share my works in progress, ideas for art and just get my name out there a little bit more and meeting some nice cool like minded people.

My New Tumblr account:


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2011-03-24 07:58:23

open-ended dream eh?
i quite like the sound of that!