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So, did I ever tell you guys about the day that I hanged out with teen heroine Kim Possible?

No, well I don't like to brag... (oh, but I do). Ron was in detention due to mad experiments done in class time, the specifics of it are all classified. I was subbing for the art teacher at middleton high when Kim got the call that Draken and was up to his old tricks again. With out a moment to loose I saddled up and went to help the girl save the world!

I took on the codename Carlos Probable.

Then we went shopping and hand girl talk over a couple of nacos from Buenos Nachos.

I've wanted to draw this picture for about a year... and today I decided to go ahead and just do it. I always get a lot of comments saying that my art style closely resembles "Kim Possible"... Let's just say that there is a very good reason for that.

Call Us Beep us If you Wanna Reach us.

8 Weeks

2011-05-12 16:50:11 by Torogoz

Wow, 8 weeks into Asinine Circus and things are going well. I will be rather honest and say I am really rather proud of myself. Winter has begun it really feels like the cold snap came out of nowhere, one day we were all wearing singlet and shorts and today its all about wearing as many layers as humanly possible.

I am awake at 6:00 am, why? Oh why? I should be illegal to be awake at this time especially on such a cold morning.

I have never minded the cold, but for some reason this winter seem particularly bad.... May be it's a sign of getting older?

At the very least I get to wear my superman jacket, silver lining.

4th Week

2011-04-14 16:23:48 by Torogoz

So here we are, 4th week since the re-launch of Asinine Circus and it seems we are gaining some nice community support. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to read our comic strips!

Remember to check out our official site:

and visit our development diary:

My Asinine Life

2011-02-13 05:11:17 by Torogoz

This year I made a promise to myself, that I would try and stop procrastinating my dream of becoming a successful web-comic artist. Me (artist) and my buddy Adam Wells (writer) are the co-creators of Asinine Circus. Adam and I have for years talked about how we would like to get a web-comic series started. But every time we let video games, movies, and going out get in the way.

The problem with having an open ended dream is that there are no immediate goals or pressure to meet them. To counter the no accountability of not posting any artwork I decided to create a Tumblr account where I can share my works in progress, ideas for art and just get my name out there a little bit more and meeting some nice cool like minded people.

My New Tumblr account:

Lots of posts.

2010-11-02 19:12:04 by Torogoz

Well it seems my new single life does have advantages... i seem to have more time to post artwork.

7th Asinine Circus Comic up!

2010-05-12 19:15:24 by Torogoz

So excited, things seem to be moving along well with the comic. more to come!


2010-04-01 02:46:59 by Torogoz

don't wanna forget what it feels like with out lithium!

Going Gaga!

2010-03-08 00:44:01 by Torogoz

Just bought some pretty good tickets for the lady gaga concert next month. WHOHOO!! i get to see her poker face! and may be we'll have a bad romace, shame about all the paparazi!

New comic up!

2010-02-04 18:27:41 by Torogoz

New comic strip is up! so exciting. It may only be the first but the longest journey was started with one single step.


2009-09-20 20:16:56 by Torogoz

YAY i got scouted, now i can post my art on the art chanel. awesome.